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Re: First try on Hurd-H4-CD1 jigdo files

Hello Patrick,

On Tue, May 28, 2002 at 02:16:29PM +0200, Patrick Strasser wrote:
> I fetched the first CD from 
> ftp://sunsite.uio.no/linux/ISO-images/debian-unofficial/hurd/hurd-H4-CD1.iso
> The image was mounted loopback to hurd-image in the jigdo dir.

I guess you mean the hurd-data/ dir you gave to jigdo-file below?

> Than I built the jigdo files with
> ./jigdo-file mt hurd-data/ --image=hurd-H4-CD1.iso --label Debian= --uri 
> Debian=ftp://ftp.tugraz.at/debian/

By specifying --label Name=/path you are saying "/path contains a
directory structure which is available exactly like this from one or
more servers on the internet". If the data on the hurd CD isn't
available like that, the whole thing will break.

You want to use "--label Debian=/path/to/my/local/debian/mirror". It
is necessary to have a local Debian mirror.

> I'm not clear about the label Debian. I saw it in the Debian jigdo 
> files, so I set it. Nevertheless it was recognised by jigdo-lite.
> I had to correct the Template entry in the Image section to match the 
> actual location.

As of 0.6.6, the default actually works: If the entry doesn't start
with http:/ftp:, it is considered to be an URL that is relative to the
URL of the .jigdo file.

> Is there a way to get this right from command line?
> The .jigdo file can be found at 
> http://www.htu.tugraz.at/~past/hurd/hurd-H4 -CD1.jigdo

Are the files on the hurd CD available from a mirror? If yes, you need
to pass a local copy of that mirror to the make-template command. If
that mirror is not the normal Debian archive, you should be using a
label that's different from "Debian".

Have a look at the EXAMPLES section of jigdo-file(1) or
<http://atterer.net/jigdo/jigdo-file.html#AEN628> for some more info.

> Unfortunately the files worked only partly: 381 packages could not
> be found on the mirrors. They seem to me some special packages not
> official distributed by Debian. I don't know if this files are not
> existant any more or if I could get them from some other special
> server like alpha.gnu.org. I tried alpha, but the directory
> structure did not match and I had no time to investigate this yet. 
> Has anyone an idea how to get around this problem?

Don't pass to "jigdo-file make-template" the contents of the mounted
CD, pass to it an exact local copy of e.g. a Debian FTP mirror. That
way, the data of any files that are on the CD but not in the mirror
will end up in the output .template file.

Sorry for the short answer, I'm suffering from RSI ATM.



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