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Re: Are PIK mirrors obsolete?

On Mon 27 May, Richard Atterer wrote:
> The important thing first: jigdo-mirror needs more testers! When 3.0r0
> is released, cdimage will be so overloaded that any rsync-based
> mirroring will be very slow, so set up jigdo-mirror instead!

Well I was just about to try it (having got my mirror almost back uptodate)
when an injudicious change to using ftp.at instead of ftp.uk, de or no (cos
apt-spy said it was fastest) let rsync delete half my archive (pool/main/m-z)
before I noticed and stopped it (massive whinge - that's the second time
that's happened to me, but it was a much smaller deal with potato then it is
with pool). 

So now I'm set back a couple of weeks or three. I'll try it again when my
archive's back.

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