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Re: upgrading potato to woody with 3.0pre6 CDs

Michael Knoop wrote:

> I had exactly the same problem.  When I ran "apt-get --simulate install
> dpkg apt debconf" it showed problem packages in square brackets after
> packages it was "installing".  Using this information, and stumbling around
> for awhile, I finally found that running "apt-get remove libdb2" began a
> rather extensive upgrade process that fixed things so I could continue with
> the first step of "apt-get dpkg apt debconf" as before.  By the way, the
> extensive upgrade process actually reinstalled libdb2 after it removed it.

So it looks like a problem with dependencies?

Does anyone know a way to debug this?  Some --verbose or --debug=sth 

Do you think anything would change if I tried with the whole seven CD set
instead of just the first four?

Is there any success report on upgrading potato to woody with these disks?  
After all it's going to be one of main uses of Debian CDs.  It should 
better work, doesn't it?


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