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Re: Becoming a Debian CD Vendor

> Hello,
> > It is not possible - There are no official Debian CD vendors ;-)
> Is this 100% sure? I've heard of a boxed Debian product... If there is
> such a stuff, there is an official Debian CD vendor.

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of shrink-wrapped Debian based
products around the globe, but no - there is no "official" vendor
since there is no "official" appointed manufacturer for Debian GNU Linux.

Many companies try and claim their products to be the "official", but
I think this is misleading customers in that they think this product
is manufactured by Debian.ORG, which is simply not true. Only the
CDs (or part of them) are officially "mastered" by someone from
debian.org, mostly voluntarily and in their free time ;-)

Best Regards
Bernd Hentig
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