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heads up for fsn debian-unofficial mirrors


After the 150th message with the subject "how can I burn a .raw file"
and/or with a message body of "damn, I tried to write those .raw files to
CD-R under Windows and first I had to answer some silly questions about
sector size and other stuff, then I got a totally messed up CD" I decided
to forget those stupid .raw endings.

Not because they are misleading, but because people damage CDs with those
Windows boxes and I don't want them to pay extra bucks for new CD-Rs,
because of the wrong format.

So I send this message as a heads up for the mirrors, who use rsync
(others simply don't have to care about this, because they already
transfers a big amount of data each week :) to rename all the files in
woody and sid directories from *.raw* to *.iso*.

Please issue a
for i in *.raw*; do mv $i `echo $i | sed s/raw/iso/g`; done
command in those directories (or something like this, which do you
prefer and can use under your shell :).

And also a "sed s/raw/iso/g md5sums > md5sums.new && mv md5sums.new \
md5sums" to have the md5sums files reflect the change.

I've already done that. If you don't make these changes, you will transfer
9.3 GBs of the same data, you have already on disk.

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