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Re: heads up for fsn debian-unofficial mirrors

On Thu, 16 May 2002, Attila Nagy wrote:

> Please issue a
> for i in *.raw*; do mv $i `echo $i | sed s/raw/iso/g`; done
> command in those directories (or something like this, which do you
> prefer and can use under your shell :).
> And also a "sed s/raw/iso/g md5sums > md5sums.new && mv md5sums.new \
> md5sums" to have the md5sums files reflect the change.
> I've already done that. If you don't make these changes, you will transfer
> 9.3 GBs of the same data, you have already on disk.

I read this email just before this:
ftp-deb@churchill:~> date
Thu May 16 14:13:05 MET_DST 2002
ftp-deb@churchill:~> head fsn-cd.log
Starting at Thu May 16 14:05:01 MET_DST 2002
receiving file list ... done
deleting woody/woody-i386-8.raw.list
deleting woody/woody-i386-8.raw

So I'm currently in the process of downloading everything (on the second
cd right now)...

I think it is a good change, but I would have appriciated knowing about it
a bit earlier.

/Mattias Wadenstein

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