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Re: isolinux falures

> >Anyway, let's go for the Debug dump of isolinux that I got on this machine,
> >the scsi card is a symbios 53c875J based Diamond, and this  is the dump:
> Where is the SCSI BIOS for this card?

If you mean if it has a bios on the scsi board it does, if you mean where
can one download a bios to have a look at it... the url I get is this one:
ftp://ftp.diamondmm.com/pub/multimedia/fireport/FP40906.exe wich is a winzip
selfextracting file, or I have put the contents for you to download on
http://ftp.manty.net/download/diamond/ the new rom is fireport.rom and the
old one is 4050000d.rom both behave in the same way when booting from
isolinux cds. If I didn't understand the question please ask again.

> With "El Torito Multiboot" I presume you are talking about floppy 
> emulation mode (all of this is El Torito.)

Yes, it is floppy emulation, it is based on this option of mkisofs:

              Start with a new set of "El  Torito"  boot  parame-
              ters.   This allows to have more than one El Torito
              boot on a CD.  A  maximum  of  63  El  Torito  boot
              entries may be put on a single CD.

This allows for different boots to be available, thus the multiboot name.

In this scsi bios only the first of the boot entries is seen, but it boots
it perfectly.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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