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Re: isolinux falures

Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:

After testing isolinux in a small number of machines I have came across
several cases of falure, I have already reported falures on Fujitsu Pentium
machines, now this one is relating scsi cards.

After seing all this it makes me think if by using isolinux we are going for
better or for worst, I mean, we used to have a cd that was able to boot on
almost all kind of machines, now we have one that boots on most of the ide
based machines and on some of the scsi ones, otherwise you have to try
cds from 2 to 5 to see if any works for you. Is it just me or does anybody
else think we are going for worst? What about eltorito multiboot? it didn't
work as multiboot on all machines, but at least it booted.

El Torito BIOSes are absolute crap. There is no question about it. Unfortunately there is right now *NO* configuration which works on all machines. If you want a configuration that works on all machines, you're talking boot floppies. It really is that bad.

Anyway, let's go for the Debug dump of isolinux that I got on this machine,
the scsi card is a symbios 53c875J based Diamond, and this  is the dump:

Where is the SCSI BIOS for this card?

BTW: On both this machines (the Fujitsu and this scsi machine) eltorito
multiboot worked ok, either by booting the default image or by showing the

With "El Torito Multiboot" I presume you are talking about floppy emulation mode (all of this is El Torito.)


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