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Re: isolinux failure [help, how to debug?]

Le Fri, May 03, 2002 at 10:56:49AM +0100, Steve Haslam écrivait:
>  ISOLINUX 1.66 2002-01-01 isolinux: Disk error 00, drive F0
>  Boot failed: press a key to retry...
> I saw an earlier message on here which implied you can build ISOLINUX with
> more debugging information. How do I do that? rebuild the syslinux package?

I don't know ... Chris do you know more ?

> My hardware is a SCSI (this is probably why it's screwy) DVD-ROM. It boots
> other bootable CDs fine (e.g. woody CD2, windows).

Have you tried to boot with Smart Boot Manager (SBM) ? There's a sbm.bin
image that you can write on a floppy, then you boot on that floppy which
does the required bootstrapping to boot on the CD. I don't know if it
works with SCSI cds ... but I know that it helps to boot on some IDE CD
where old bioses doesn't support isolinux booting.

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