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Re: Bug#142305: i386 - borders gone on vanilla flavor

#include <hallo.h>
Richard Hirst wrote on Thu Apr 11, 2002 um 11:15:32AM:

> > I observed this as well today.  I tested the vanilla kernel, there
> > were no borders on the first few boxes (I didn't progress as far as
> > the driver config, so I can't confirm problems there.)
> Booting with "linux TERM=vt102" gives you the borders.  TERM=linux only
> seems to display borders under framebuffer/bterm now.

What about adding this option to isolinux.cfg (for vanilla only)? I do
not see how it would hurt, and it is better to show nice dialog boxes if
someone boots the vanilla flavor. This would also help the default
vanilla boot floppies, though I doubt that we will get a chance to make
a new release.

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