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Re: vanilla as default or not

On Tue, 2002-04-09 at 14:02, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> writes:
> > Not that it will help most people --- If I'd not been part of this
> > conversation, then I doubt I'd be reading the READMEs to see which my
> > best bet was, I'd just grab the ones in .../current
> Do you think it would be possible that we could provide CD image
> labels for vendors, if they wanted to use them, which actually had the
> names I suggested listed on the CD itself?

Hmm, I think most vendors want to put their own labels on them, so that
they get to point people to their web site, and so get to sell that
customer, and their freinds, more CDs in future.

> E.g.:
>    Debian 3.0, Intel x86
>    CD number 2 of 5
>    SCSI boot CD
> I agree that users don't usually read and generally just pop in CD#1
> and try to boot it.

Perhaps we just need a NOTES_FOR_DISTRIBUTORS file somewhere, with hints
like this in it.

Cheers, Phil.
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