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Re: debian-cd 2.2.13 and woody.

On Mar 16, Philip Charles wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Mar 2002, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > That's a bit of a head-scratcher, as I had no trouble getting all of
> > games and junior on CD 1.  Granted, I was using 700MB as my blank
> > size, rather than 650MB.
> > 
> > Do you have including of suggestions disabled?  Also, is basedebs.tar
> > being stuck (needlessly) on your CD #1?
> I am rather unhappy about using 700MB media as many people use old
> hardware for their first installation.  No basedebs.tar, but multiboot.

True, it's probably best that the official CDs fit on 650MB media.
Especially since CD-RW media doesn't seem as available in the 700MB size.

> I took a look at list2cds and discovered a YAUO (yet another undocumented
> option) NORECOMMENDS.  Is this what you meant?  IMO this is a rather
> violent option.  Should list2cds be hacked to include a NOSUGGESTS option?

Probably; at least, that's what I did in my rewritten script
(list2cds-cram; unfortunately, it's not a drop-in replacement, which
is why I haven't stuck it in CVS).  I usually build with just depends
and recommends honored, though I've been experimenting with code to
avoid recursive suggestion inclusion (suggested packages don't need to
pull in THEIR suggestions too, otherwise you get a really dense graph
really quickly... debconf will pull in half of GNOME if you let the
suggestions get away from you).  I also hacked in code to allow
treating doc packages that are suggested or recommended as
dependencies for purposes of building the CD.

> Anyway I will try a YAB (yet another build) with the NORECOMMEDS enabled.

That should free up a TON of space.

I probably should tar up my hacks as inserted atop debian-cd CVS; at
the moment, they just sort of sit in a directory on the lordsutch.com
website.  (http://www.lordsutch.com/cds/debian-cd/hacks.html for

Chris Lawrence <lawrencc@debian.org> - http://www.lordsutch.com/chris/

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