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Re: debian-cd 2.2.13 and woody.

On Sat, 16 Mar 2002, Chris Lawrence wrote:

> True, it's probably best that the official CDs fit on 650MB media.
> Especially since CD-RW media doesn't seem as available in the 700MB size.
> Probably; at least, that's what I did in my rewritten script
> (list2cds-cram; unfortunately, it's not a drop-in replacement, which
> is why I haven't stuck it in CVS).  I usually build with just depends
> and recommends honored, though I've been experimenting with code to
> avoid recursive suggestion inclusion (suggested packages don't need to
> pull in THEIR suggestions too, otherwise you get a really dense graph
> really quickly... debconf will pull in half of GNOME if you let the
> suggestions get away from you).  I also hacked in code to allow
> treating doc packages that are suggested or recommended as
> dependencies for purposes of building the CD.
> > Anyway I will try a YAB (yet another build) with the NORECOMMEDS enabled.
> That should free up a TON of space.

Saved some, but not as much as expected.  What was the big space saver was
#include <xservers-XFree3>
#include <interesting-redhat>
#include <interesting-fromcd23>
#include <linuxtag2000>
This dropped the size  of the minimal first CD from 580 MB to 343MB,
freeing up 237MB.  No wonder your 700MB images made a difference.

> I probably should tar up my hacks as inserted atop debian-cd CVS; at
> the moment, they just sort of sit in a directory on the lordsutch.com
> website.  (http://www.lordsutch.com/cds/debian-cd/hacks.html for
> details.)

At the moment I am finding the amount of space each task takes on a CD.


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