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Re: woody jigdo files

On Sat, 2002-02-09 at 13:15, Paul E Condon wrote:
> There are eight .jigdo files at the web page for woody jigdo daily.
> Could someone explain what each one is? 
> For potato, there are three for binary and three for source, but that 
> seems not to be how things are arranged for woody.
> I am interested in getting a set of CDs (maybe only one) that will enable
> installation of Woody. Which ones do I really need? Or is the bad news that
> I really need all of them?

These files (*.jigdo) contain a list of packages, you can read the file
with a text editor , or browser, and see what is on each disk.i.e.
Greg C. Madden
Debian GNU/Linux 

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