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The first CD is too big..

I'm building a set of CDs as part of a project to bring free software
to the norwegian schools.  The build process is running four times a
day, fetching the latest packages from Woody and testing our own
packages to see if everything is OK.  On the build done 2002-01-29
08:00 CET, something strange happened.

The CD grew 50 MB, from 650 MB to 700 MB.  I want the CD to stay below
650 MB.

As I see it, two things might have happened.  Someone might have
upgraded some software on the server where the CD is built, and this
new upgrade made the CD grow 50 MB, or some package on the CD made the
CD grow 50 MB.  I have no log for the first option, but all changes to
the latter is registered in our CVS.

The changed package

The list of changes between the 650 MB build and the 700 MB build is
available from

The only change which seem relevant is debootstrap_0.1.16_i386.deb
changed to  debootstrap_0.1.16.1_i386.deb.  Should this increase the
CD size by 50 MB?

The build logs are available from
<URL:http://developer.skolelinux.no/info/cdbygging/> (the front page
is in norwegian only, sorry).

The current size is available from
It is now 683 MB.  It fell from 702 to 689 when I turned off
multiboot, but is still to high.

Anyone have any clues?

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