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Re: Creating unofficial CDs

* Mattias Wadenstein (maswan@acc.umu.se) wrote:
> Reverting back to rsync when you have an almost finished image (lets call
> it binary-i386-1.iso) you find a mirror with rsync acccess (lets call that
> one ftp.se.debian.org). Then you use rsync to make the amlost finished
> image an exact copy of the one on the server, which due to the rsync
> protocol doesn't involve huge downloads.
> Something like:
> rsync ftp.se.debian.org::debian-iso/2.2_rev4/i386/binary-i386-1.iso binary-i386-1.iso

Don't know if it matters too much in this case, but I always use "-avvP" on
rsync. a for archive, recursive, preserves timestamps etc. Two v's for
extra verbosity and the P will show progress as well as preserve
partially downloaded files.

Karl-Martin Skontorp

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