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Re: Creating unofficial CDs

On Sat, 26 Jan 2002, Nicolas Marchildon wrote:

> Karl-Martin Skontorp écrivait/wrote:
> > I was not able to build the woody images completely because I was
> > missing some old files in my mirror, i.e. a new version had replaced the
> > ones used in the image. I was able to get some of them directly from
> > an official mirror, but not all of them. Had to do an rsync on the image
> > for the last pieces, but that was pretty quick.
> I've been told to revert to rsync in many documents, but haven't found any
> precise explanations on how this can be done. Could you write how you did it?

Reverting back to rsync when you have an almost finished image (lets call
it binary-i386-1.iso) you find a mirror with rsync acccess (lets call that
one ftp.se.debian.org). Then you use rsync to make the amlost finished
image an exact copy of the one on the server, which due to the rsync
protocol doesn't involve huge downloads.

Something like:
rsync ftp.se.debian.org::debian-iso/2.2_rev4/i386/binary-i386-1.iso binary-i386-1.iso

> By the way, does anyone know where I can find information on how to make
> netinst images?

Sorry, I have no idea bout that. Hopefully someone else does.

/Mattias Wadenstein

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