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jigdo 0.6.2


I've just uploaded Jigsaw Download 0.6.2. This version has only seen
relatively light testing, I hope no bugs have crept in.

What's new?
  - gettext support (but no translations are present yet)
  - Portability fixes to jigdo-lite (Anne Bezemer). I've only merged
    some of Anne's changes, not all.
  - Portability fixes to the jigdo-file code (for RedHat/Mandrake
    systems, systems without <sstream> such as Debian Potato). Can
    someone confirm that it compiles on potato now?
  - Support for fallback servers in jigdo-lite
  - Support for fallback servers in jigdo-file, in the form of a new
    "print-missing-all" command

The source is available from <http://atterer.net/jigdo/>. Apt-able
i386 .debs are at:
deb http://home.in.tum.de/atterer/debian unstable jigdo

All the best,


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  |_) /|  Richard Atterer     |  CS student at the Technische  |  GnuPG key:
  | \/¯|  http://atterer.net  |  Universität München, Germany  |  0x888354F7
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