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Re: Creating unofficial CDs

* Attila Nagy (bra@fsn.hu) wrote:
> Hello,
> > here at the Max-Planck-Institute in Leipzig we mirror the complete tree
> > of Debian distributions (potato, woody, sid) for the i386-architecture.
> > I am currently running potato on the PC in my office, but would like to
> > test woody at home. How can I create a set of 'unofficial' CDs
> > containing the binary packages of woody plus the neccessary things to
> > set up the system? I want to avoid downloading the images from one of
> > the mirror sites you mention on your web page. On the other hand the
> > pseodo-image-kit does not work for the testing distribution.
> You can use jigdo.
> For more informations please see:
> http://www.debian.org/CD/
> .jigdo files can be found at
> ftp://ftp.fsn.hu/pub/CDROM-Images/debian-unofficial/{woody,sid}/jigdo/

I have a local debian mirror and use a command like this together with
the .template and .jigdo (you possibly don't need this?) file from

jigdo-file -t woody-i386-1.raw.template -j woody-i386-1.raw.jigdo \
-c cache.db mi /home/ftp/pub/debian /home/ftp/pub/debian-non-US

If you don't have the mirror on the machine which you use to make the
images, you can have jigdo create a list of urls for download:

jigdo-file -t woody-i386-1.raw.template -j woody-i386-1.raw.jigdo \
-c cache.db pm

This can be piped into wget.

Edit the [Servers]-section in the .jigdo to point to your local servers.

I was not able to build the woody images completely because I was
missing some old files in my mirror, i.e. a new version had replaced the
ones used in the image. I was able to get some of them directly from
an official mirror, but not all of them. Had to do an rsync on the image
for the last pieces, but that was pretty quick.

Karl-Martin Skontorp

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