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Re: Problem with jigdo-cd script

On Sun, Jan 20, 2002 at 05:04:18PM -0800, Paul E Condon wrote:
> I jump-started it with my cd of Debian 2.2r3 binary1 and asked it to
> produce an image of 2.2r4. [snip]

Now that 2.2r5 is out, the files for 2.2r4 are soon going to disappear
from the FTP servers. It is likely that this will cause problems for
2.2r4 downloaders soon. However, from your description you are not
suffering from that problem:

> Without interrupting jigdo-lite process, I started an instance of
> ncftp, and using ncftp I was able to find timidity on the path
> specified in jigdo-lite progress report. The file is there and is
> not somehow locked.

Maybe ftp.us.debian.org is just overloaded? :-/

Anyway, you can safely interrupt jigdo-lite at any time with Ctrl-C
and then restart it and point it at another server. The data that was
downloaded so far will be kept, you will *not* have to download it

> Or is this a manifestation of a known bug?

I don't think so. Sorry it doesn't work for you - please tell me
whether it works with another server.



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