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Problem with jigdo-cd script

I'm trying to make jigdo-lite script work. Actually, I've got it
working, but it never runs to completion. On my most recent try, I
jump-started it with my cd of Debian 2.2r3 binary1 and asked it to
produce an image of 2.2r4. It ran for a few hours, giving nice progress
reports. But..

It needed to download timidity-patches_0.1-4.deb and suddenly it could
no longer connect to ftp.us.debian.org
It is currently on its 14th retry. On all the previous retrys it
reported that the connection timed out. Nothing was downloaded on any of
the failed trys. 

Without interrupting jigdo-lite process, I started an instance of ncftp,
and using ncftp I was able to find timidity on the path specified in
jigdo-lite progress report. The file is there and is not somehow locked.

What I am being asked to do is so simple that I find it hard to believe
I have made a mistake, but maybe. I am leaving the jigdo process running
in case I get any suggestions on how to break it loose from where it is

Or is this a manifestation of a known bug? I'd be happy to answer any
questions in the hope of getting this working.

PS jigdo-lite is now in its 16th retry. I'm a slow writer.

Paul E Condon 

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