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Re: Links to CD images not working (broken!)

Richard Atterer <deb-cd@list.atterer.net> writes:

> Phil, it seems that quite a lot of people still have bookmarks to the
> ch*.html pages on cdimage. Could you please add HTTP forwards for:
> ch1.html ch11.html ch12.html ch121.html ch1211.html ch1212.html
> ch122.html ch2.html ch21.html ch211.html ch212.html ch2121.html
> ch21211.html ch21212.html ch2122.html ch22.html ch221.html ch2211.html
> ch2212.html ch222.html ch3.html ch31.html ch311.html ch3111.html
> ch3112.html ch312.html ch32.html ch4.html

I've added:

  RewriteRule ^/ch.*\.html$          http://www.debian.org/CD/  [R]

to my rewrites, which should make any of those goto the new top page.

Cheers, Phil.
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