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Re: Quick note:

On Monday 21 January 2002 01:54 pm, jason andrade wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Ian Eure wrote:
> > > i've cc'ed this to ian, so he knows there's an additional web page that
> > > might need to be modified if he's adding mirrors and also to flag a
> > > change in directory for us, to allow for future "netinst" derivations.
> >
> > Ok. If the CD page is lurking in cvs.d.o somewhere, I can update it
> > myself. Alternately, just don't list the mirrors on that page, since they
> > are listed on my netinst page.
> unfortunately it's sort of lose-lose.  unless david also creates a separate
> "download from" page i guess. in which case both netinst releases are just
> pointers into (separately maintained) download pages rather than having
> to be separately maintained by whoever is updating the /CD tree.
I suppose we could combine efforts, and set up an official netinst master 
site, with both versions of the images.

> you know, from looking at how diverse the mirror maintaince can be, i have
> no idea how you debian developers get along at all with the actual OS :-)
Ha. I suspect that Official Debian(tm) projects are a bit more organized. I'm 
just not willing to wager how much more. :)

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