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Re: CD image mirrors

On Sat, Jan 19, 2002 at 01:10:30PM +0100, joy wrote:
> > Here's the data I promised: the CD image mirrors recorded in the central
> > Debian mirror database. If anything is wrong or missing, please fill us in.
> > CC:ing corrections to mirrors@debian.org is desirable...
> BTW I'm going through the cdimage web site list now and comparing.
> So far the results aren't what I expected -- I found three bad links
> already :( But I also found one new mirror, so this is going to be useful
> anyway.

And to follow up on myself yet again... I've went through the list, weeded
out the junk and added the good stuff into the database. The list is now
automatically generated. It doesn't look as good as the old one (I couldn't
be bothered to code adding the sponsor data to every entry) but it's much
more complete I think.

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