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Re: Multi-boot CDs

On Sun, 13 Jan 2002, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:

> SBM development seems a bit stopped at this time, last stuff that was
> pointed a long time ago was to add linux loading features, but that was
> never finished.

You're right. :) SBM does be a bit stopped.

James Su - the author of SBM - has worked out a new window
interface for SBM with new features. I got the demo from him months
ago. But he has been working on GB18030 for X Window during the last
months. Now he's focusing on other things. If someone would like to
help him on SBM, I think James Su will be happy. :)

If debian-cd team asks for other features, I think James Su would
like to take them.

Now I'm working some docs of SBM. Any suggestions?


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