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Re: Minimal bootable i386 CD image for 2.2r5

Richard Atterer wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 06, 2002 at 10:55:31PM +0100, Michael Bramer wrote:
> > see http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/ 
> > 
> > A very, very good debian live cd with 1.5 GB data...
> I was going to post the same! :) Yes, it's very good, although I'd
> only call it "Debian-based". Maybe I should add an entry to the CD FAQ
> about it.

Please do!  Especially since it's a perfect rescue and demo system.
And it absolutely rock if you visit your parents who may have a
computer but no proper operating system... (and who don't want you
to play with their hard disk etc.)



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