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Re: CD Images for 2.2r5 (was: Minimal bootable i386 CD image for 2.2r5)

On Tue, 1 Jan 2002, Martin Schulze wrote:

> Richard Atterer wrote:
> > wouldn't it be nice if we could provide an official "net install CD
> > image" for the upcoming potato release?
> That reminds me of people asking if we can provide 2.2r<n> images at
> the same time as it is officially released.
> I'm willing to postpone the official announcement of 2.2r5 by one day
> after it was released in the Debian archive if this delay would be sufficient
> for you to build images for all architectures and move them in place.

Why is it coming so soon after 2.2r4 ?? (Nov 5th).

This time interval is not enough time for us to produce silver pressed 
disks and self enough of them ...

Minimum three monthe between releases would be nice .. otherwise I guess 
we'll have to do an update disk ...
When is woody due to be released ??




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