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Amiga CD

  I just wondered how I would go about building an Amiga CD image, how many CD's are available/required for the Amiga setup, and since I already know how to burn an ISO on a WinBox (ie: just burn it as an ISO =), are the images available in ISO format for download somewhere I haven't looked already?

  The way it looks now, I've got to download everything on the Amiga first, then build an ISO image on the Amiga (which has no CD writer), then break the image(s) down into more manageable parts (see next step), then move everything to the 486 via the serial bridge (33.6k MAX) which ALSO doesn't have a CD writer, then ethernet everything over to the Pentium, then rebuild the image from the previously moved ISO component parts--assuming all segments have transferred properly the first time--then burn the CD.

  My idea is this:

  Download the ISO to the WinBox.  Burn the CD.

  Is this possible?

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