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Thank you for debian-cd


This mail is just to convey that I am very happy with the current debian-cd
program. I have two machines, one with rather poor connectivity and another
well connected. Creating the whole of woody CDs is a pain, so did a dpkg
--get-selections from the poorly connected machine and massaged it into a
task-list and build my own custom 2 CD set from Woody. It worked

I have also used the older debian-cd fairly successfully. I must say this
one was easier to use, almost everything worked perfectly by just setting
the right variables in CONF.sh. So a big thank you to all the people who
have worked on this. 

One minor issue; I like NONUS to be on CD1 but I don't want to create two CD
sets i.e. CD1 and CD1_NONUS. Is there a way to disable creation of CD1?


Ganesan R <rganesan@debian.org>

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