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Re: Redesign of cdimage website

On Sun 02 Dec, Richard Atterer wrote:
> over the last days, I've finished the work on the new cdimage website,
> the result can be viewed at <http://cdimage.debian.org/~atterer/>.
> Comments welcome!

very good indeed. Well done. There are only a few small things I found:

1) on http://cdimage.debian.org/~atterer/faq/
in the list of bootable CD flavours replace the "less" in "(smaller kernel,
with less options enabled)" with "fewer" - (yes I realise this is pretty
pedantic and these days people don't even necessarily agree as this usage
distinction is rapidly falling out of use :-)

2) in http://cdimage.debian.org/~atterer/faq/ (I think)
I found a link to #latest at the bottom of the home page, saying that it
should show the current release, but it was broken ('unkown target') - and
now I can't find it again - maybe richard was in the process of removing it
as I browsed? ~4:20 GMT today

3) I'm not quite sure about the 'ruled feint' background. What's wrong with
plain white?

4) Richard, are you sure you want your email on every page footer? Never mind
the spam you are lining yourself up for a lot of dumb questions :-)

> Phil and also Anne (as former maintainer of the WWW pages), is this
> fit to replace the main cdimage website now? I think we should move
> the old stuff to an "old" directory or similar for the moment. Also,
> Phil, I'll need to be added to the appropriate group. :)

Agreed; I think it's time for this to go live. I can't see any reason why
not. Is this now underway?

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