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Re: Redesign of cdimage website


over the last days, I've finished the work on the new cdimage website,
the result can be viewed at <http://cdimage.debian.org/~atterer/>. 
Comments welcome!

I went through all the pages on the current site and in part copied
the text over, in part rewrote things. I also updated the information
for woody in many places, made thumbnails for the CD cover art,
checked which of the mirrors are still present, updated large sections
of the FAQ, inserted a few links to the install docs on www.d.o etc

Last but not least, I also inserted humble plugs for my jigdo scheme
in various places ;-) Since jigdo isn't quite there yet, I've changed
it for now to clearly say so on the main page.

Phil and also Anne (as former maintainer of the WWW pages), is this
fit to replace the main cdimage website now? I think we should move
the old stuff to an "old" directory or similar for the moment. Also,
Phil, I'll need to be added to the appropriate group. :)



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