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Re: Debian ISO (Was: Re: [PLUG] RedHat 7.1 iso?)

On Sat, 13 Oct 2001, Mattias Wadenstein wrote:

> Speaking as a cd image mirror admin: Yes.

what you said.

> Checking the list of mirrors europe seems to have enough mirrors to
> provide easy http/ftp downloads. I don't know enough about the bandwidth
> situation in US or Australia though.

yes - once we actually get the images mirrored, there is enough local
bandwidth for end users (between 3 and 5 T3s worth across multiple mirror
sites in Australia, across multiple providers, and more soon).

> for floppies and so on) and getting a cd from a mirror is the easiest
> solution.

i agree.  i'd also raised this a while ago, but didn't have enough energy
to want to argue.  my $0.02 - theory is often different when implemented.

i field a lot of queries about how to get ISO images because people couldn't
figure out what the current web pages mean.



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