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Re: Bug#93612: Support for new archive structure

Le Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 01:05:41PM +1000, Anthony Towns écrivait:
> For this to work, the Release and Release.gpg files should be verbatim

This is not a problem, we just need to copy Release.gpg as well.

> from the archive. For that to work, the Packages and Sources files also
> must be verbatim from the archive.

This is a problem. I *really* don't like having Packages and Sources files
mentionning files that are not available. It goes against some principles
I always tried to follow. debian-cd has been written in order to be able
to generate CD which contains subset of Debian and I don't want to have to
put the complete Packages file for each CD set we'll create with

An acceptable alternative would be to provide Packages.signed and
Sources.signed that could be checked against Release.gpg and a check for
a package "validity" would be to compare if the 2 or 3 informations do match
(Packages, Packages.signed and the package itself).

Another name would also be ok if .signed is not well enough.
Packages.official, Packages.reference, or whatever you prefer.

> For that to work, the .debs have to
> be in the same locations they are in the archive.

This is not a problem, it's already installed in the same way.

> ...should be the sort of thing to do.

Unfortunately debian-cd is a bit more complicated. :) 

> trigger a bunch of apt-cdrom warnings still when people try to install
> from it, but those are things that need to be fixed in apt-cdrom...

I'm not sure that this is really the way to go. apt-cdrom has been
designed to be able to use different CDs from different CD set, it will
build a list of the files mentionned on each CD, so it's a big win that
each CD only mentions what it does really have !

> It should make it easier to calculate how much space you can use
> for .debs; since you shouldn't need to add X MB packages files after
> installing them.

The space problem is not caused by the "Packages" file but by all
the non .deb files (boot floppies, documentation, and so on).

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