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Re: "pool"- and "dists"-structure of the current Debian packages mirror

[ Continued on debian-cd since Wichert asked that ]

Le Tue, Apr 10, 2001 at 11:47:07PM +0200, Otto Wyss écrivait:
> I'm not happy with the structure of the current Debian mirror.
> Especially I'm not happy if anyone burns the current structure on a
> Woody CD set. So I've written 2 Perl scripts ("debianpool",
> "debiandists") which each independently tries to convert it to a clean
> Debian mirror structure.

Instead of telling us what you did, wouldn't you mind telling us why you
did it ? I have no problem with the structure of the current Debian mirror
and debian-cd copes well with it. The CDs burnt are usable.

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