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Re: Unofficial Debian SID CDs

On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Attila Nagy wrote:

> Hello,
> I started to produce Debian SID install CDs on ftp.fsn.hu and also updated
> the woody ones. BTW, due to disk problems I have to stop updating the
> potato extra CDs which hold non-free and other user requested software
> (but they remain available).

Ah, that is why yesterday's cron job said someting about "opendir(sid):
Permission denied" :)

> The current sid set stands of 6 CDs. The last one is the non-free CD, so
> it is necessary only if you want to install "non-free" software. This is
> the case with the woody sets too, so the last CD contains Debian non-free
> packages only.
> ps: these files will be (hopefully) appear soon on the mirrors below:
> ftp://ftp.planetmirror.com/pub/debian-cd/unoffical [Australia]
> ftp://omega.elte.hu/mirror/debian-unofficial [Hungary]
> ftp://ftp.acc.umu.se/pub/cd-images/debian-unofficial [Sweden]

A couple of things regarding that:

I think we would have greater availability if you would do the kind of
hardlink-trick that the official debian setup uses. That way the rsync
won't start by deleting the woody isos and then downloading them in full
to another name. Since we seem to get about 70K/s it will take most of
today to sync everything.

We will also run out of space after the sid images have managed to sync.
(We only had about 4 gig left or so.) We are contacting our disk sponsor
about this, and hopefully we'll get another nice disk.

We might manage to find some temporary storage (borrow a couple of disks),
I'm looking into that right now. Hopefully it will be solved today. This
would mean some small downtime of course, but it shouldn't be more than
15 minutes.

Ah, the potato images was moved and the symlink doesn't point to a place
that exists over here, would it be safe in the future to copy symlinks as
the files/directories they point towards?

Since we are going to run out of space soon, I don't think that a full
mirror of ftp.fsn.hu would be a good idea. ;)

I hope I don't come across as complaining or anything, it is great that
these cd-images exists. I'm just trying to make them more available. :)

/Mattias Wadenstein - ftp.se.debian.org

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