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Re: Unofficial Debian SID CDs


> Ah, that is why yesterday's cron job said someting about
> "opendir(sid): Permission denied" :)

> I think we would have greater availability if you would do the kind of
> hardlink-trick that the official debian setup uses. That way the rsync
> won't start by deleting the woody isos and then downloading them in
> full to another name. Since we seem to get about 70K/s it will take
> most of today to sync everything.
I don't really understand you. There was a change in the directory
structure, but this won't happen again.
If there will be another update all the filenames will be the same.

> We will also run out of space after the sid images have managed to
> sync. (We only had about 4 gig left or so.) We are contacting our disk
> sponsor about this, and hopefully we'll get another nice disk.
Wow, you have a disk sponsor! I would need one too ;)

> Ah, the potato images was moved and the symlink doesn't point to a
> place that exists over here, would it be safe in the future to copy
> symlinks as the files/directories they point towards?
The potato images won't change in the future. If you need them download
with ftp and exclude them from the rsync process.

> Since we are going to run out of space soon, I don't think that a full
> mirror of ftp.fsn.hu would be a good idea. ;)
I've already run out of space :)

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