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I'm interested!... where are they? :)



appears (at the bottom of the page)...

"If you are interested, there are some unofficial CD images of "woody" (the current Debian development version, to be released as 2.3 or maybe 3.0 in due time) for linux-i386 binary and of "sid" (the even more unstable development version) for hurd-i386 binary (new/2/3). Also available there is an unofficial "potato" linux-i386 "extra" CD with security updates, non-free, KDE, KDE2, Helix Gnome and some other
programs. "

I'm very interested in finding these files, where are they to be found?

p.s. I had a devil of a job downloading the CD pseudo-image from Sunsite UK - loads of 'not found's. Gave up in the end and downloaded the .iso image files from Sunsite Finland instead - no problems. Incidentally Sunsite UK are out of date - still showing 2.2r0 as latest CD image for listfiles.

kind regards

Mark Beck

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