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Re: I'm interested!... where are they? :)

On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, Mark wrote:

> "If you are interested, there are some unofficial CD images of "woody" (the 
> current Debian development
> version, to be released as 2.3 or maybe 3.0 in due time) for linux-i386 
> binary and of "sid" (the even more
> unstable development version) for hurd-i386 binary (new/2/3). Also 
> available there is an unofficial
> "potato" linux-i386 "extra" CD with security updates, non-free, KDE, KDE2, 
> Helix Gnome and some other
> programs. "
> I'm very interested in finding these files, where are they to be found?

these are primarily available from hungary hosted by a guy called attila
nagy (who built all of them except the hurd iso i believe).


you can also find a mirror in sweden at sunet (sorry mattias, i can't remeber
the site exactly :-)

and a mirror in australia of the hurd/woody iso images at



i haven't gotten around to creating the potato `extra' iso images yet.



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