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rsync difficulties ...


I'm attempting to make an ISO image of debian. (My first choice for commercial
releases has recently fallen on hard times, so I can't purchase from them.)

In any case, I've successfully completed the appending of "list" files and
renaming of my file to "foo.iso", but can't get the "rsync" command stage to

Each time I enter the command in the following order, I get an "unknown host:
server info" error. I've tried at least 1 half dozen suggested sites from
http://cdimage.debian.org.rsync-mirrors. Icould really use some help.

the command I've used is (all on one line):

rsync --verbose --progress --stats --block-size=8192
rsync.kernel.org::mirrors/debian-cd2/.../.../foo.iso .

in place of rsync.kernel..., I've also tried saens.debian.org,
freesoftware.coe.missouri.edu, ftp.eecs.umich.edu, etc., etc.

Could someone ~please~ provide a valid mirror -- with the full path for the
~NONUS~ release of 2.2_rev2?

C. Masters

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