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RE: Multiple potato images

Looks like it's the diskemu.bin loader causing the trouble.  If I build a
bootable CD with just the 2.88 rescue image, it loads up fine.  If that
image is loaded up through diskemu.bin, the problem occurs.

I've emailed Gary, but nothing yet.

Thankfully I'm doing all the testing on cdRW :)  Is there any way of turning
on a high level of debug output to see what's going on in there ?

Thanks for the offer of help Adam - much appreciated.

Dean Carpenter
94TT :)

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Subject: Re: Multiple potato images

"Carpenter, Dean" <Dean.Carpenter@pharma.com> writes:

> Hey All -
> I've built a test image to mess with, but am having a small problem :(
> CD boots fine using Gary Tong's diskemu.bin loader (see below), and it
> up several tools diskette images nicely.  It also is able to load the
> various 2.88 boot kernel images just fine.  That is, up to the boot:
> The problem comes with actually loading the kernel from the diskette image
> that's where it fails.  It gives a
> boot:
> Loading
> Boot failed: please change disks and press a key to continue.
> I have a feeling that syslinux is trying to talk right to the floppy,
> should be getting redirected to the ramdisk image. 

No, it's just a question of using the right kernel init args.

> That redirection must be
> missing something.

there is no redirection, as far as I'm aware.

> The final result of what I'm looking to build is a 185meg image that can
> it all :)  Boot to any of the install images, boot tools images (a la
> scsitools), a live system like Timo's Rescue CD
> http://rescuecd.sourceforge.net/  That would fit on a mini-CD.  A 46meg
> image would go on a business card CD like the Linuxcare BBC
> http://open-projects.linuxcare.com/BBC/ among others.

A laudable goal.  Let me know if there are any (relatively easy)
change in boot-floppies we can do to make this easier.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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