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Re: using GRUB

Roland Bauerschmidt <rb@debian.org> writes:

> Erik Andersen wrote:
> > I did a similar thing once.  I used a simple shell script on boot to try and
> > mount /dev/hd[abcdefg] and /dev/scd[0123456789] and then look for the presence
> > of a magic file name and md5sum.  Was easy enough to do and worked very well.
> Sorry, I don't have the rest of this tread availible, but is this for
> woody boot floppies or debian-installer?

Woody boot-floppies

> For the latter, depending on
> devfs would probably make some stuff easier... /dev/cdroms/cdrom*

Yes, I'm working on the assumption that we won't be going with devfs,
seems too unstable still.

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