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Re: cdimage.debian.org mirror

On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Antti wrote:

> We would be interested  in becoming an official  (or, at least
> approved) mirror-site of your site.  Our FTP-server is located
> in New York  and it is  hosted  at Stealth Communications, Inc
> aka stealth.net.  We are  currently mirroring your site daily,
> and the location  of the mirror in our site is:
> ftp://ftp.stealth.net/pub/mirrors/cdimage.debian.org

Thanks for the service! I've added it to our mirror list.

> The server  currently under  DNS  as  ftp.stealth.net  will be
> moved under another name and it is not related to this project.

Please do inform us when anything has changed, so that we can update
our mirror list.

> Some keypoints for mirrors might be speed, stability, security
> and knowledgeable staff. I believe we might stand a chance --

Actually, the only keypoint here is "being a mirror" -- it's already hard
enough to get mirrors for some 16 GB of data ;-)

> We  are  currently  mirroring  your site with  debcdmirror and
> doing  rsync from rsync.kernel.org.  Is it  possible to obtain
> password  to master site  (cdimage.debian.org) so  we could do
> mirroring from there?

Don't tell this any further, but the rsync service on cdimage.debian.org
does not require a password at this moment. That's only needed to reduce
unwanted traffic when an all-new Debian version is released, which I don't
expect until the 3rd quarter of this year (and probably even later).
You can just point your mirror at cdimage.d.o; the best time to ask
phil@hands.com for a password is when you get an access error meaning that
one is needed (he's heavily occupied at all other times ;-)

  Anne Bezemer

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