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Re: regarding potato images

On 7 Jan 2001, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> It would help if someone could inform me of what kernels are on what
> CDs for other arches, if there are any, on other arches.

According to debian-cd/tools/boot/potato/boot-*:

Alpha: only CD 1 is bootable, with something that seems like a multi-boot
thing for a few sub-arches

Arm: not bootable at all since supported computers don't have CD drives.

M68k: only CD 1 bootable, AFAICS only for BVME4000/6000 systems
(I don't know if other m68k machines have bootable CD drives at all)

Powerpc: only CD 1 bootable, seems like a multi-arch boot for several

Sparc: only CD 1 bootable

  Anne Bezemer

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