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cdimage.debian.org mirror


We are currently in the process of setting up a larger, public
FTP-site  dedicated  to mirroring more  popular  UNIX-flavours,
common utilities/networking-tools and all  sorts of drafts and
documents  relating to the  Internet, software-development and
many other quite as interesting categories relating to this.

It is  our understanding  you administer the FTP-site known as

We would be interested  in becoming an official  (or, at least
approved) mirror-site of your site.  Our FTP-server is located
in New York  and it is  hosted  at Stealth Communications, Inc
aka stealth.net.  We are  currently mirroring your site daily,
and the location  of the mirror in our site is:

The server is  located within  Stealth's  backbone  facilities
with two  100 Mbit  connections, connecting  the server to two
separate routers.  The  routers,  in  turn, take  advantage of
our connectivity to ATT, Teleglobe, BBNPlanet, DIGEX, and more.
We are also providing ftp access via IPv6.

If you wish, you  can review more  detailed network-statistics
at http://traffic.stealth.net/

The server  currently under  DNS  as  ftp.stealth.net  will be
moved under another name and it is not related to this project.

Some keypoints for mirrors might be speed, stability, security
and knowledgeable staff. I believe we might stand a chance --

Stability and  security  should pose  no problem.  We are well
equipped against  any and all intentional  attacks against the
site.  We also host  other high profile  servers  (www.irc.org,
irc.stealth.net) and  have had considerable  exercise with all
the kiddie tricks,  as well as some more  advanced  techniques.

The servers are  regularly scanned and  we actively follow the
forums relating to network and host-security.

The server will  not be running anything  unnecessary  and all
unwanted  services  are  disabled  and  firewalled.  Logs  are
monitored and backed up via the network.

Only  staff-members  have  access  to  the server. Even SSH is
restricted  to  2-3 trusted hosts,  which  in turn  have  been
verified to be secure.

We  are  currently  mirroring  your site with  debcdmirror and
doing  rsync from rsync.kernel.org.  Is it  possible to obtain
password  to master site  (cdimage.debian.org) so  we could do
mirroring from there?

At the moment we are also  setting up a regular ftp.debian.org


Antti   (antti@stealth.net)     // System Maintenance
                                // Stealth Communications, Inc.

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