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Re: regarding potato images

"J.A. Bezemer" <costar@panic.et.tudelft.nl> writes:

> On Wed, 3 Jan 2001, Jim Westveer wrote:
> > The debian-cd now in CVS will put boot blocks on
> > ALL i386 disks in the following fashion.
> > 
> >   CD#1: default kernel from boot-disks(i386)
> >   CD#2: compact
> >   CD#3: idepc
> >   CD#n: default kernel from boot-disks(i386)
> Okay. Boot team: be sure to post a note to -cd as soon as you think of other
> interesting flavours ;-)

Well, there's the udma66 flavor, which is just a vanilla version, but
with a kernel patched for udma66 kernels -- see umda66/README I think.
You might wanna use that for CD4 if there is any such thing.

I'll add info about what kernels are on what CDs in the installation

It would help if someone could inform me of what kernels are on what
CDs for other arches, if there are any, on other arches.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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