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RE: regarding potato images

Will grub work as a CD multi-boot menu system ?  I thought it was
hard/floppy disk based only.

Gary's system works by booting diskemu.bin as a floppy image.  That then
scans the standard multiboot catalog on the CD for other floppy images,
presents a menu and boots the selected one.

This wouldn't be Debian only code - it's OS-independent assembler.
diskemu.bin is a utility that will boot *any* floppy images we want.  I
haven't done it yet, but it appears to be just a matter of defining the
various floppy images we want in the list.  We could add various "tools"
floppies as well for that matter.  Even <shudder> DOS based tools :)

Check it out - his info page is at
http://www.geocities.com/iopat/diskemu.html and he says it will go open
source.  Sounds like he wouldn't mind it being used in this case.

Dean Carpenter
94TT :)

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"Carpenter, Dean" <Dean.Carpenter@pharma.com> writes:

> You may want to consider doing a multiple boot image scenario for the CDs.
> That is, boot a menu that allows a choice of boot kernels to use.  

Well, if we wanted this, we should use grub, rather than writing a
debian-only version.

I hate debian-only code for it's own sake, AKA "NIH".

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