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Re: Potato and Woody CD builds


> > i still carry slink images..
> If you get _any_ downloads of these, people are most certainly mistaken...

Well, maybe :/ However the LRP Linux Router Project (www.linux-router.org)
is based on slink. At least they are usefull to ppl. who want to compile 
packages (programs) for LRP, since an LRP dist. is to small to provide
a devel. env. I actually want these myself for just this purpose, please
keep them up there a little longer, k? :) (w8ing for my 1Mbit leased line).

Anyone have a complete CD set of official slink (2.1_r5 correct?) that 
they'd be willing to part with?

I'd also really like to get a hold of m68k (AMIGA) CD's or ISO images of
this release. Any pointers?


Per Gustav Ousdal <ousdal@sircon.no>
SirCon DA, Postbox 12, 4440 Tonstad, Norway
Tlf: +47 38371111 Fax: +47 38371119

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