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Re: rsync problems with 2.2_rev2 binary-m68k-1.iso

On 7 Jan 2001, Goswin Brederlow wrote:

> Well, I'm thinking of writeing that feature along with client side
> unpacking/repacking of data. But it needs some design tweaks I have to
> discuss with some friends and the rsync people.

i mailed andrew about this some months ago.. hadn't heard anything
back though.  am hoping to mention it to him again when i (hopefully)
see him at linux.conf.au in a couple of weeks.

it'd also be good to fix a couple of other bugs i notice with rsync at
the moment

o daemon process don't die.. i have to daily kill "undead" rsync daemons
  otherwise it hits the user limit

o rsync often times out on large directory scans.  e.g i can't directly
  use rsync to keep a couple of local mirrors synced with the whole debian
  archive.. it just times out. i have to break it up into a per dist rsync
  base :-(


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