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Re: Potato and Woody CD builds

On Sun, 7 Jan 2001, Per Gustav Ousdal wrote:

> [---8<---8<---8<---]
> > > i still carry slink images..
> > 
> > If you get _any_ downloads of these, people are most certainly mistaken...

i don't think so.  there are still legacy systems out there.  i still have
people asking for access to redhat 5.2 (and in some cases 4.2!) distributions
because they have a working and in some cases "blackbox" to them system and
they don't feel any need to upgrade.

> Anyone have a complete CD set of official slink (2.1_r5 correct?) that 
> they'd be willing to part with?

i'd love this too.. i only have 2.1r4 images.. i don't think r5 ever came
out on cdimage.debian.org.


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