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Re: Problems of installation Debain

On Tue, 26 Dec 2000, lhon wrote:

> I download the binary1-nonus iso image but cannot install debian,
> Two critical problems.
> 1. After using this cd, report invalue partition, I had already wins98
> installed,
> I partition a part to install Debian, but reports problem to my
> harddisk, even if I already
> using partition magic to do and then use the cd, I had not do thing, but
> it also destroy
> something in mbr, so can't boot OS anymore.

You should have a Win98 boot floppy from which you can boot. (If you haven't,
ask a friend to make one.) From DOS you can restore the MBR with the command:
  fdisk /mbr

> 2. Cannot install Debian, because in the phase of install kernel and
> modules, the install program
> cannot go to the cd the run rescue.bin and boot.bin, even if I poing to
> right directory on cd that
> contain image-1.44 which contain the right things need to install.

When installing kernel and modules, choose `cdrom' and then `default'. You
shouldn't need to enter any directory there.

If you have more questions about installing or using Debian, please post them
to debian-user@lists.debian.org (which is dedicated to that purpose).

  Anne Bezemer

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